This tends to be fun: Post whatever happens to be in you clipboard at this moment. Just hit Paste and post it.

Here's what I happened to having laying around in cache:

[quote]<input type="button" name="quoteselected" class="submit" value="Quote Selected" onclick="javascript:quoteSelection()" />[/quote]

Meh. I've seen better.

lyrical warfare says:


jpwain says:

>excerpted from:
>Chipset: VIA ProSavageDDR KM266

Dylan says:

* na0mi ( Quit (Quit: )
<asklloyd> !8ball
<MBoffin> WTF? You think I'm some stupid bot at your beck and call? Piss off.
<asklloyd> lol
<bigmike> Mboffin is my hero
<Tikonoshai> lol

vampirical says:

$query = "SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY id DESC";

dcormier says:

[17:50:46] <booradley> ah, my 55 gallon drum of aloe vera gel is here.
[17:50:50] <booradley> good day to you all.
[17:50:57] * booradley ( Quit (Quit: )

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