I invite you to go a few rounds of 20 Questions with [link http://y.20q.net:8095/]the most interesting/creey AI on the internet.[/link]

It has guessed correctly a good 90% of the time on me and everyone I have try it, and we're not throwing anything easy at it. It guessed accurately "beared dragon", "capybara", "orc", "asprin", "tapir", "phosphorus", "bleach", "jack-o-lantern", "squash". It even told the difference between "dog" and "beagle, "alligator" and "crocodile", and "big toe" and "toe".

rnewhouse says:

Hah, it did not guess "an encyclopedia."

Aesopian says:

It guessed "an encyclopedia" for me. =P

lidge_34 says:

It took 28 questions to guess "digital camera".

Jackson says:

It couldn't guess snowboard or parasail.

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