Knowing the subject of web standards and ASP.NET has been of concern in the past, I felt I should let my fellow propeller heads know about this [link]developer blog about upgrading ASP.NET to output XHTML Strict[/link].

You can thank [link]this post[/link] over at [link]WaSP[/link] for the info.

Dylan says:

[i]Very[/i] good to know. As I talked about [link]in this post[/link], this is something I was concerned about when deciding to move forward on the new site. I'm also glad I didn't spend a huge amount of effort working on workarounds. Much thanks for the link. Made my day. :)

Aesopian says:

I thought this grumpy blog post on the subject would be fun to share:

ASP.NET, Server Controls, and W3C Compliant PagesHomepage

Dylan says:

Which is why I'm very happy that the next version of ASP.Net will support web standards. Yeah, actually support them. And you can tell the new VS.Net, "don't monkey with my code" and it will actually listen. And not just hyped, either. I saw it in action.

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